• You Can Do It!!

    “Keep them poor!” Robert Kiyosaki

    School system will never teach you about money. The school system was designed to teach you to be an employee.

    Robert Kiyosaki

    This is a very interesting quote which should make you think about it. Did you have any subject on your school where did they teach you how to earn the money? How to keep the money? How to attract money? I don’t think so. If so, you’re really lucky. If no, you’re like me. I’m not from a wealthy family. We always struggled because of the money in our family. We have all those bad patterns about money in our family. How many times I heard sentences like “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” or “Do you think I steal?” or “Without work, no cakes.” etc. Can you relate to that? Unfortunately, these noxious patterns are hereditary. Think about your childhood for a second. I bet when you were a child, your parents asked you “Who you want to become when you will grow up?” in the meaning “Which JOB do you want to do?”. They were expecting an answer like a teacher, doctor, firefighter, nurse, hairdresser, all possible professions with a paycheck. I don’t know any from my peers who would their parents asked them at their age of 14 “What about an entrepreneur?”. I think a lot of us were just hearing during a primary school and high school also “Study hard, so you can get a good job.” and from an early age, they were preparing us for this path of an employee.

    The moment I pay you, you think like an employee. That’s a trap. Entrepreneurs work for free. You never want a paycheck.

    During of high school, it’s becoming clear if you need to continue to university (dream of all parents) or you’re good just with a high school to find a job and starting to make money. Most of us also thanks to supportive parents falls into this trap even sooner because as poor students from not wealthy families we were supported to find a first part-time-job even during our studies. Brigade. Such a popular word in high school. Even more popular in college. And people started slowly to be excited for THAT DAY when paycheck will come.