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    Don’t let your past limit your future

    We have officially passed 6 days in 2023 already and the first week of 2023 is almost over. New Year is always a great period to look over the past year and even years before 2022 and remind ourselves how far we have already come. Therefore I wanna remind you: Don’t let your past limit your future! And I would like to replenish this quote with one more:

    For a better tomorrow, forget about the past, make a new start, live for today, and donโ€™t let anything hold you back.

    Anurag Prakash Ray
    picture credit: pixabay.com - noname_13

    A shitty past doesn’t have to equal a shitty future

    I have been through a lot of shit in my life. Trust me. But I found faith in a better future. But it’s impossible to talk about the future without the present. You may not like where are you right now. I will be honest. I don’t also don’t fully like where I’m right now. But I’m remembering where I was just a not-so-long time ago.

    Unpredictable paths of life

    In 2020 I lived in 3 countries. For some reasons, I had to return to my home country at the end of that year. And it truly felt like a trip into the past. Literally. I returned to a flat that I left almost a year before my return. It felt soooo odd. Like I didn’t belong there anymore. Like I was already somewhere else. I unpacked my things (again) and immediately after that, I would like to pack them back into boxes (again). And I was right about that!

    Feeling like you don’t fit in

    If you feel you don’t belong where are you it’s quite possible that you just don’t. But for moving on to the next level and the life you want for yourself, you have to keep fighting. Fighting for your dreams, fighting for yourself. Resist acceptance. If you feel that you were meant to be for something different, then you were. You ARE. Don’t give up on your DREAM. Make it a GOAL. And keep going for it. Every single day.

    New year, new opportunities

    Take a new year as an opportunity to kick out new energy in yourself and go after the life you want! The only person who decides your future is you, my friend. Always remember that. So without further words, let me wish you a very successful year full of great achievements! Crush your goals and never ever give up! This is your year to shine, just plan it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My Diary,  You Can Do It!!

    I was speaking with a dying woman today…

    Did I grab your attention? If you don’t know, I’m currently employed in a call center ๐Ÿ“ž for the real estate market. ๐Ÿ˜๏ธ Practically I hit a milestone of 10 months as the customer care agent on the phone. But the call which I had today will be the one which I will probably remember a years after I don’t be in the customer care business anymore.

    I was calling one of the customers in order to find out the feedback for an offer which she received from a company. The woman on the line had a really kind voice. I already experienced many in this business and heard many things in my calls. Some I wish I didn’t hear. But no entry training for the position never prepared me for what I experienced today. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    The woman told me she really likes the offer, but her situation changed drastically. She confided in me that 10 days ago doctors gave her a terrible diagnosis and she doesn’t know how much time she has and that it can happen any time. Her voice sounded young. I guess something around 40-45.

    Her voice was so bold. She told me she has a 23 years old daughter with a full disability pension and she was looking for a flat for her. But in these new conditions, it would be insane to ask a bank for a mortgage and she was apologizing for rejecting the offer. She was talking so reconciled. It was really hard to respond to that.

    Her story really hit me deeply and while still having her on the line, tears began to fall down my cheeks. I tried to swallow sobs so it wouldn’t be heard in the microphone. I admired so much that at this moment all she cares about is how life will look for her daughter.

    Except for other things I said to her: “You sound reconciled.” and she replied, “Of course, I’m not reconciled, I like life.” But for the whole 6 minutes and 40 seconds of what we were speaking, her voice was so bold, didn’t shake once, I felt incredible strength from her and I admired how strong she is.

    And I admired her level of selflessness the most. She said: “I’m a nurse, I know how it goes.” and I just heard in her voice how much she cares about her daughter and her family.

    Are you still there?” she asked me. “You’re quite quiet.”
    “Yes, yes, I’m. I’m just deeply touched by you. I’m sorry, it’s a little unprofessional. I admire you so much for how brave you are,” I replied.
    “Thank you. Maybe a miracle will happen and I will live,” she said and I agreed to her “Yes, let’s pray for a miracle together.”

    I was already talking about this subject basically one month ago in one of my previous posts starting with a question “What if the car would hit you deathly tomorrow? Will you be dying with memories or with dreams?” But today’s call was a WAKE-UP CALL for me. Literally. Now I realize so much stronger, what I was talking about. I was really overwhelmed by really strong emotions after this call and I cried like crazy. A few crucial things shifted for me after this call.

    At the point where I’m standing right now, I don’t believe that this call was a coincidence. I’m not the only operator in the office. Anybody from my colleagues could get this specific customer. But she ended up on my list and she had this call with me. And it may sound crazy, I’m still overwhelmed by really strong emotions while typing this, but I think I needed this call.

    It may sound crazy, but it was a confirmation for me that I’m on the right track. That the big choices which I’m thinking about are the right moves for me. That I really need a change. That the decision that I want to live my life quite differently than I’m currently living is the right decision. That if this would happen to me, I don’t want to have regrets that I spent all my lifetime in the office. It’s a green light for new adventures.

  • Talks with Stars โ˜ผ,  This Is A Dream House!!

    73 Questions With Camila Cabello | Vogue

    I love her today’s look and I love her home. I wish they showed us more from it because it looks very lovely. From this interview, I learned that there will be a new remake of Cinderella with Camilla in the main role which already got me really excited to see that!! Now you can watch 73 questions with Vogue which Camilla answered for them. I especially like one quote from the interview:

    It’s your job to fight for your happiness, it’s your responsibility to fight for your happiness and nobody and nothing will do that for you. You have to fight for it for yourself.

    Camilla learned this from her mom. She’s very lucky to have parent like that. This quote touches me personally and I can add just one thing to this. Let’s fight!

  • You Can Do It!!


    This is a very nicely edited video from Mindspo where they chose TOP10 Oprah’s rules for self-love. I really like the list and I agree with any single word she said. No more words are necessary, just watch the video and love yourself. ๐Ÿ˜Š