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“Keep them poor!” Robert Kiyosaki

School system will never teach you about money. The school system was designed to teach you to be an employee.

Robert Kiyosaki

This is a very interesting quote which should make you think about it. Did you have any subject on your school where did they teach you how to earn the money? How to keep the money? How to attract money? I don’t think so. If so, you’re really lucky. If no, you’re like me. I’m not from a wealthy family. We always struggled because of the money in our family. We have all those bad patterns about money in our family. How many times I heard sentences like “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” or “Do you think I steal?” or “Without work, no cakes.” etc. Can you relate to that? Unfortunately, these noxious patterns are hereditary. Think about your childhood for a second. I bet when you were a child, your parents asked you “Who you want to become when you will grow up?” in the meaning “Which JOB do you want to do?”. They were expecting an answer like a teacher, doctor, firefighter, nurse, hairdresser, all possible professions with a paycheck. I don’t know any from my peers who would their parents asked them at their age of 14 “What about an entrepreneur?”. I think a lot of us were just hearing during a primary school and high school also “Study hard, so you can get a good job.” and from an early age, they were preparing us for this path of an employee.

The moment I pay you, you think like an employee. That’s a trap. Entrepreneurs work for free. You never want a paycheck.

During of high school, it’s becoming clear if you need to continue to university (dream of all parents) or you’re good just with a high school to find a job and starting to make money. Most of us also thanks to supportive parents falls into this trap even sooner because as poor students from not wealthy families we were supported to find a first part-time-job even during our studies. Brigade. Such a popular word in high school. Even more popular in college. And people started slowly to be excited for THAT DAY when paycheck will come.

And from that point, my dear friend, you are spinning in the rate race. And you can spin there for a reeeeeally long time. I’m spinning in that f@#king circle for almost 5 years already. And reeeeeally crazy thing, real experience of mine, real story bro, is to hear a people in their early twenties counting how many years left till their retirement. I don’t know how it works for you, but I think it will be a similar age ceiling. The retainment age in the Czech Republic is 65 years. We also have an online calculator for it. I just put my date of birth there so I can put it as an example here. For me, it says “You will retire at the age of 65, ie in 37 years, 6 months and 13 days.” Isn’t that insane? And you know what is even more insane? A lot of seniors are continuing to work in part-time-jobs during their retirement because retirement paycheck just sucks and the amount it’s so ridiculous that basically many of them don’t have another option if they don’t want to live in total poverty.

Most teachers in school, they’re out of ethics. They teach subjects they don’t themselves don’t practice. You’re gonna find a real teacher versus a fake teacher. A fake teacher is somebody who doesn’t do what they teach. A real teacher is doing what they teach every day.

I especially like this quote. It made me look differently on teachers and what’s the meaning of the word “teacher”. You know I have a special weakness for this theme because already from primary school, teachers were big role models for me. I had some really great teachers during my studies in my schools. The teacher of the Czech language in primary school was really supportive for me and my passion for writing. I had a great history teacher. I admired his knowledge about all the things which happen in history. He was the freaking walking encyclopedia. During my high school I really looked up to our Math teacher which was also teaching us Economy and I believe that she also taught us a subject called Basics of Natural Sciences. She belongs to a handful of teachers which taught us something useful for life. And our main teacher was teaching us the History of Art and some practical graphic subjects. Such smart people, my heroes during my studies.

I was little behind of my classmates and I got my first brigade in summer that year when I was celebrating my 19th birthday on fall. And it was an assistant of instructor position. Next year I “promote” to an independent instructor. And I liked that so much that in my college application I applied for the pedagogy field. So I studied for 3 years to get a bachelor’s degree to become a teacher. I will make a long story a little bit shorter now. I am working in full-time-jobs from September 2015. I was a Lector of the Czech language for foreigners for 6 months. And two months I worked as a teacher in high school teaching a practical subject for future graphic designers. So that’s why I have a weakness for this quote so much. I count myself like one of them. My perception of “teacher” was always that teacher is a person who teaches in school. Maybe I was using just a richer vocabulary in my life. I called other lectors, tutors, mentors. Those were people teaching outside of the school for me.

Now we are coming to the painful realization. Even if teachers are still fighting for their salaries to be increased, they are still poor. We have this motto about teachers: “It’s not a profession, it’s a mission.” (sounds better in Czech..) That says that those people don’t make this profession for the money but from the goodness of their hearts. They are really smart, hard-working people, but unfortunately they can’t teach us anything about money for our lives. Their advances don’t help us to become rich. Why? Because they are poor people. They are waiting every month for THAT DAY when salary will show up to their bank account.

Poor people say “I can’t afford it, I can’t afford it. I can’t do that, I don’t have time.” instead of this ask yourself “How I can afford it? How can I do that? What would take it? or Why should I do that?”

Here’s a thing. Everybody wants to have money. But the classic profession, regular job, gives you a really limited option about that. You maybe had great teachers during your studies and maybe you have wonderful parents. I get it, they’re our heroes. But hand on heart now. Look at their financial side. If you want something better for yourself in your life, you have to stop following their advice and quickly start to look for a real teacher. Someone who has results that you want. Someone who can teach you to get exactly the same results for yourself. But the first most important thing which you have to do, it’s to start shifting your mindset about money and remove that hereditary burden which you carry with yourself. If you didn’t already, watch a video below and start with reading a book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Page after page it will start to make a bigger sense to you.

I know that is was a bit longer today. I hope that you didn’t jump between lines too much and that this article brought some value to you. Did you read a book or will you read it after this little sneak peek? Did you have some great teachers on who you remember with gratitude? Did you ever think about this all this way? Give me know about your thoughts in the comments below and if you really liked the article give it a share on your social media so your friends can also benefit from it 🙂

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