God Friended Me 2×01 “Joy” Recap

Time for another miracle just started! Did you already watch the first episode? If not, don’t click for READ MORE before you will and just come back to read the article later and share your opinion with me.

Miles, Rakesh, Cara, and the others known faces are finally back! And with a great opening in my opinion! The episode is starting with Miles as a guest in radio promising great season two of his podcast The Millennial Prophet. But he’s quite lying when he’s saying about how everything is perfect… Do you remember mysterious Joy from the end of the last episode of season one? Miles has no idea where she is!
Rakesh is trying to convince him that maybe it is time to move on from God Account for him and meanwhile Cara is in Paris writing a book about Simon Hayes.
And everything starting in subways again when Miles meets a soldier and gives him advice about directions. He thinks he sees Joy and follows her, but it was someone else. But, BUUUUUT!! This lady leads him to the real Joy which just gets a new friend suggestion and is not somebody else than a soldier from a subway! Miles convinces her to go to the bar where a soldier Lt. James Freemont went.
Cara confides to Simon and asks him if he can find an old friend named Annie Keller which sent Cara a message five years ago which led her to NYC and reuniting with her mom.
We also see Miles’s dad Arthur and Trish planning their wedding and Miles’s dad is quite struggling with an idea to move out of the house where he spent a life with his family.
Joy isn’t really happy to be a new member of God Account group and from begging, she doesn’t have a lot of patience with it. Also, Miles is unhappy with the situation and he doesn’t understand why God Account thinks that Joy is good choice for this “job”. Thanks to Rakesh we found out that Joy is her middle name and her first name is Constance which is a reason why he wasn’t able to found any pieces of information about her. After the God Account liked Webster Park Joy dives deeper into it.
Simon confesses to Cara that he actually knows Annie Keller and he’s the one who discredited her and killed her journalist career. This is really hard for Cara because when she visits Annie, she kicks her out after she founds out who is Cara writing about.
Joy and Miles in Webster Park meet James and going to the hospital with him and they found out that he has a coronary microvascular disease. The doctor tells them that if he will stay in the army, emotional and physical stress can kill him and he shoudn’t return. So this is a thing that Joy and Miles have to deal with. But how to convince James not to go back if he doesn’t want to hear about it at all?
James’s friend will lead them to Rose and Rakesh will find pieces of information that they need. Rose is in Paris, so they call to Cara for help. Miles and Joy follow James to Times Square, but when they call Cara she let them all disappointed because Rose already check-out from the hotel before Cara gets there.
A strange thing happens and there is blackout and suddenly Miles’s screen is everywhere through all Times Square and Rose is magical stands out from the crowd. It is a very romantic scene with a happy ending for both of them. Joy is amazed at how it feels to help friends suggestion from God Account and she’s starting to opening to Miles about why she is in New York City. If we move to Arthur and Trish have a happy begging in front of them because Arthur decided to move on and he bought a new house for them.
Annie is stopping by at Cara’s and Cara found out that Annie isn’t a person who sent her a message about her mom. It came from her account, but Annie didn’t send it. So Cara is starting to think that the power of God Account is even bigger and they thought before. She believes that someone hacked Annie’s account and she doesn’t think she’s in Paris just to write a book about Simon, but there is some bigger and more important reason for that.
Miles is releasing a new episode of The Millennial Prophet. He says he doesn’t know where he’s supposed to go from here. But he’s ready to pass along everything he learned to Joy. Now he has to figure out what is his role and what comes next for him and that his audience will be first who he will tell it about.
The episode ends will Rakesh stops by at Miles’s and they want to go for lunch together when song Human starts to play from Miles’s computer. The God Account left a message on Miles’s wall.
It seems that God Account isn’t done with Miles yet and Miles seems to be very happy from it and we are too!!

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