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Hi! I’m Lucía. Not LUCY, don’t kill my ears, please!! Thank you. Typed as Lucie according to Czech spelling. I am Czech. I’m 28 y.o. and currently I live in Prague. Prag. Praga. Прага. Praha. Yeap, that’s my home. For now. In case you doooooooon’t knoooow it’s the capital of the Czech Republic. Czechia in a shorter version. That is that small country just in the middle of Europe where 10,5 million people are living. And I am one of them. But not for so long, because I’m still moving. 2020 I lived together in 3 countries. Greece, Turkey and now I’m back in Czechia for a moment.

And because I would like to get to know more than 10,5 million people and I would like to get to know more then just what is inside of borders of my beautiful country, I decided to write this blog in English. So please excuse me if some of my sentences will not give 100% sense to you. My native language is Czech, but I’m trying to improve my English skills every day. Right now I think that I could easily compare the level of my English with Sofía Vergara.

Haha… 😀 Don’t get me bad, I love her! She’s great. Okay, that was a geographic/demographic intro. You are more than a welcome to leave me your intro in the comment below, I will love to read it!! Now let’s move on. So there’s a basic thing that you have to know about me. I just started to call myself “consumer of entertainment“, I think it fits me very well. I love, I mean LOOOOOVEEE TV series, movies, theater plays, songs, talk shows, youtube videos, even that funny ones with animals. Check my list and if you ever watched at least one from those TV shows, you are at the right place. I’m sure that I forgot something for sure… 😀

The second thing about me it’s that I’m an explorer. I started to build a passion for traveling, but I’m still struggling with the budget, so I’m more “dreamy traveler“, but that doesn’t stop me from adding another and another places to my travel bucket list. So far I achieved a few of them. I was in New York City when I was doing au-pair near (a story for another day), I visited a Niagara Falls, I became a child again in Disney World in Florida, I randomly won a trip to Aruba in Carribien (another story for next another day). I was in Spain, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, and Great Britain. Sounds cool? It’s not really, I’m kind of cheating with this list. Basically, I was physically there, but for example just for one day to do one specific thing (also work in one case) and I really didn’t have time to explore anything. So I still have them on my list.

Traveling and exploring goes hand in hand with getting to know a culture. That’s a very important part of my travels. When I’m traveling I’m not interested just in popular tourist spots, but I also always like to see a second side behind the tourist industry. How looks places where the locals live, how they live, where they like to go in their free time etc. I also have a weakness for languages. I won’t bother you with my list what I want to learn.

Aaaaand definitely not in the last row, I’m a creative soul. I always had a passion for art. I like a diverse form of art. I studied multimedia with a focus on video creation in high school. For some time I worked as a camera operator in the TV production. Watching movies with me is always difficult because I’m that kind of person who will tell you every five minutes “OMG, this is sooooo amazing shot! Can you see how awesome is a depth of field here?” For a very long time, I wanted to become a movie director.

Before I fell in love with a video creation I was taking pictures. Now I am mostly just taking photos on my phone, but I would like to buy a new camera later. I also draw with colored pencils. I draw just with a pencil also before, but I just love colors. That’s how the name of the blog was created. I think that there is no need to explain the meaning of the name more. I also have a passion for creative writing. And now I have a feeling that this paragraph starts to remind a CV… 😀 So if you have an interesting job offer… Here I am. 😀

If is there something that is missing and what would you like to know, feel free to ask in a comment. In the case that you finished reading to this point, you and I probably have some things in common! Amazing! Go to explore rubrics of your interest and let me know in a comment what you think! Let’s have a discussion! Let’s be friends! 🙂

Disclaimer: No space for haters, if you don’t like it here, just move to the website which will support your view on the world. Thank you!

Thank you for your visit and have a wonderful, successful day!! :))

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