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Don’t let your past limit your future

We have officially passed 6 days in 2023 already and the first week of 2023 is almost over. New Year is always a great period to look over the past year and even years before 2022 and remind ourselves how far we have already come. Therefore I wanna remind you: Don’t let your past limit your future! And I would like to replenish this quote with one more:

For a better tomorrow, forget about the past, make a new start, live for today, and don’t let anything hold you back.

Anurag Prakash Ray
picture credit: - noname_13

A shitty past doesn’t have to equal a shitty future

I have been through a lot of shit in my life. Trust me. But I found faith in a better future. But it’s impossible to talk about the future without the present. You may not like where are you right now. I will be honest. I don’t also don’t fully like where I’m right now. But I’m remembering where I was just a not-so-long time ago.

Unpredictable paths of life

In 2020 I lived in 3 countries. For some reasons, I had to return to my home country at the end of that year. And it truly felt like a trip into the past. Literally. I returned to a flat that I left almost a year before my return. It felt soooo odd. Like I didn’t belong there anymore. Like I was already somewhere else. I unpacked my things (again) and immediately after that, I would like to pack them back into boxes (again). And I was right about that!

Feeling like you don’t fit in

If you feel you don’t belong where are you it’s quite possible that you just don’t. But for moving on to the next level and the life you want for yourself, you have to keep fighting. Fighting for your dreams, fighting for yourself. Resist acceptance. If you feel that you were meant to be for something different, then you were. You ARE. Don’t give up on your DREAM. Make it a GOAL. And keep going for it. Every single day.

New year, new opportunities

Take a new year as an opportunity to kick out new energy in yourself and go after the life you want! The only person who decides your future is you, my friend. Always remember that. So without further words, let me wish you a very successful year full of great achievements! Crush your goals and never ever give up! This is your year to shine, just plan it! 🙂

Thank you for your visit and have a wonderful, successful day!! :))

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